Thank you so much for all that you ladies have done for our wedding! You have gone above and beyond our expectations and have been very instrumental in making this wedding everything we have dreamed of. Thank you is an understatement of words! You’re the best, we have been blessed!!!”

-Sandie and Frank

Sandie and Frank Testimonial

Taylor and Brad Testimonial

Every bride wants her wedding perfect, and I was lucky enough to have my perfect wedding! Thanks to Sara and Annette, they worked magic on my wedding day. I can’t thank them enough, they were with me every step of the way, I never had to remember what was going on or what I was supposed to be doing. Most importantly with the meetings before the wedding they really gained my trust, not once during my big day did I have to worry if everything was going to happen as I had wanted, I had complete trust in them, and everything turned out PERFECT!!!! Any bride would be lucky to have Sara and Annette as her wedding coordinators! They gave my husband & I the best thing we could ever ask for a completely flawless day to look back on and remember!!! Thank you both so very much!”

-Tayler and Brad

Annette was absolutely professional, personable, and organized. I would call her with questions, wedding guest stress, or concerns – she always had an answer for me.

From the day we met, I knew Annette was just the right person. She juggled our pastor, family members, vendors, myself and the groom on our wedding day with grace and a personal touch. Her first concern and responsibility was to me, her bride, and I cannot thank her enough for making the day run so smoothly.

From our petal toss to the last song of the night, Annette oversaw every detail — and fixed the little flubs that go along with any wedding. She saved our cake topper from toppling, and kept us on schedule! She even saw to it that the honeymoon suite was candle-lit and adorned with flowers. It was the perfect end to a perfect day!”

-Kelly and George

Kelly and George Testimonial

Lyndsey and David Testimonial

I have to say that working with Annette was the best decision David and I made for our wedding. The day went so perfect and smooth and even months, weeks and days before the wedding we had no stress because Annette have everything under control. Most coordinators I interviewed with tried to implement their own view and wants for our special day, but Annette made sure that our day was our day, and that our vision and dream came true. Everything we wanted and asked for on our special day happened and I can honestly say with no reservation that if it wasn’t for Annette, things would have turned out very different.

Some people may think they don’t need a wedding coordinator, and they are organized and can do things on their own, (used to be me) but I really think that having a wedding coordinator, especially having Annette, was the only reason our wedding day was perfect. Several of the people in my wedding party were shocked at how relaxed and smooth our wedding day was, and no one could believe how not stressed out I was on such a big day. The only reasonable explanation for the lack of stress I had fully had to do with Annette, hands down and hats off to Annette, I couldn’t thank her enough for going above and beyond, and she is still to this day helping me with things that have come up after my big day.

If you are trying to make a choice, I need everyone to know that Annette is the way to go and you will not be disappointed!”

-Lyndsey and David

I was lucky to have Annette Hoegner as our Wedding Coordinator. Her experience and expertise really helped me when I had a hard time making decisions. One thing that was important to me is promptness. Annette always got back to me quickly!! Our wedding day went smoothly and that’s because of Annette! There are many details in preparing the actual Wedding day; I couldn’t have done it without Annette! It was a Perfect Day!”

-Kristin and Bryan

Kristin and Bryan Testimonial

Katherine and Josh Testimonial

We hired a classic touch events as our “day of” coordinator. Since we were getting married on a holiday, we were concerned that this would be an issue. But, Annette from Classic Touch Events was more than willing to give up her holiday to be with us on our special day. Even though we had hired her as a “day of” she was more than willing to answer any questions during our planning process.

At our wedding she was extremely organized and such a pleasure to work with. Her demeanor really kept us at ease, and it was wonderful to know that she had everything under control. I would 100% recommend hiring Annette from a classic touch events to coordinate your special day.”

-Katherine and Josh

Dear Annette,

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I cannot thank you enough for the help on our wedding. We seriously could not have done it without you. John probably would have changed his mind about marrying me if I would have been doing it on my own, and I probably would have lost my mind as well. I’m the worst at decisions and because of you I didn’t have to make hardly any! Thank you for all of your advice because it all turned out beautifully. My friends and family could not compliment the whole event enough. They continue to say that was the best wedding they’ve ever been to and I KNOW it has to do with YOU! Thanks for always being there to answer my questions and especially to calm me down. You knew what you were doing every step of the way and I couldn’t have made it without you. I will continue to recommend you to every single person I know. Even being eight months pregnant you were still definitely THE BEST WEDDING COORDINATOR EVER!!! Thank you again for making our day the most beautiful, elegant, entertaining day of our lives.”

-John and Jill

Jill and John Testimonial

Jessica and Michael Testimonial

I loved working with Annette for my wedding. It was relatively stressful planning my CA wedding from VA, but Annette definitely helped in decreasing that stress. I was always worried that I was asking her way too many questions, but she always answered my emails very promptly and she had tons of great recommendations for the little and big impact items for the wedding. She is super knowledgeable on time lines and what works versus what doesn’t, and she truly cares about what the bride and groom want and will help adjust plans so that everyone’s wishes are accommodated.

Also, for our wedding, we had a bit of an emergency situation where a money box was paid for but never shipped out (just found that out the morning before the wedding), and we kind of needed it since our guests were planning on giving us gift cards since we live so far away. Thankfully, Annette had a beautiful spare (one she used for her wedding) that she loaned us for the day.

In addition, after the night was over, she put all of our wedding things upstairs in our room for us, and she gave us a little romantic surprise for our first night as husband and wife.

Overall, she was my “wedding mom”, and it is a shame I will never work with her again. I definitely recommend her to anyone, as she truly was my go-to for the wedding, and just having someone there that you can trust to get things done and make things go smoothly was so meaningful on our wedding day. We were pretty brain-dead by the ceremony, and her direction and timeliness made everything go beautifully. Our guests loved her as well.”

-Jessica and Michael

A bride can only dream of a perfect wedding. Unless she has the opportunity to hire the perfect team. A Classic Touch Events is just that team. Providing the best contacts in the business with exceptional service. Coordinators Sara and Annette made my day stress free and blissful. So many thanks to CTE for making my dream wedding come true!”

-Chad and Alejandra

Chad and Alejandra Testimonial

Antoinette and Charlie Testimonial

People kept saying that I was an unusually calm bride and I said it was because I have the bomb wedding planner! Charlie and I want to thank you for helping us to create our special day! We really appreciate it and wish you and your family all the best.”

-Antoinette and Charlie

Annette and Sara at A Classic Touch Events were wonderful. I could never imagine making it through my wedding without them. They were very accommodating, understanding and had great ideas and recommendations. My day was perfect and I truly believe it was made possible by them!”

-Nicole and Vince

Nicole and Vince

Matt and Patricia Testimonial

Savannah was wonderful to work with. Very involved, well organized, and helpful!! Anything I needed help with she was on it. It made the planning process less stressful knowing that I could count on her. The day of the wedding Savannah and Sara made sure everything went smooth. We were very grateful to be able to relax and enjoy our wedding, Thank you!!”

-Patricia and Matt

Thank you Annette for all your help with my wedding at The Mission Inn. I was able to ask you anything. You never made me wait for anything and you had the best ideas. I don’t know how I could of done it without you. You treated me like a friend and I always felt comfortable to ask for anything. Thank you again!!”

-Megan and Joey

Megan and Joey Testimonial